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Is there an experience from your past you’re nervous to discuss but have a burning desire to share? Do you have a book inside you which could help other people? How can you use social media as a memoir without making yourself vulnerable?

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About this Course

Is there a story from your past you’re nervous to discuss but have a burning desire to share? Do you have a book inside you? How can you use social media as a memoir without making yourself vulnerable? How can storytelling raise your profile or promote your cause whilst protecting your self?

We are all storytellers to some degree. Every social media caption, every ‘about’ section, every blog post and every conversation we have in a coffee shop is an opportunity to share our story in a way that heals us or triggers us.

We live in an age where everybody has a ‘brand’—but how does a tragedy, misfortune or difficult period fit into that image? If there’s a rough patch in your past, should you share it and to who, how and when?

How people tell their own stories is an intimate experience and something as small as a replaced word or misplaced question mark can change the entire feeling of a story—and how the teller feels about themselves.

In this two-part workshop, editor, ghostwriter and Hay House author Amy Molloy shares the lessons she has learnt from over a decade of helping people share their personal stories in a way that empowers but also protects them.

As a journalist, Amy has spent her career interviewing amazing people with amazing experiences, from entrepreneurs and entertainers to survivors of natural disasters and global catastrophes.

According to studies, conscious storytelling—sharing our pivotal experiences in a supported and safe space—can be a path to healing, both for the storyteller and the people who shares your memory.

As entrepreneurs, bloggers, not-for-profit founders or employees, it can also help us to attract customers, build a profile and feel more relatable to colleagues.

But in an era where oversharing is trendy, how can you find the balance between authentic honesty and conscious censorship?

In this course, you will learn how to structure your story, how to support yourself as you share traumatic experiences, and how to create ceremony around your writing practice. Also, discover how to pitch to editors, approach book publishers and write within legal guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones.

When you find a way to tell your story authentically it doesn’t just help you but also every person who reads, hears or saves it. When you give a little bit of yourself, it gives them permission to examine, share and heal their own past.

No previous writing experience is required.

More than ever, 'public writing' is a skill we should learn. So that, when it's time to take our stage - whether it's a book, blog or social media site - we feel strong in our words and safe in our hearts

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Your Storytelling Journey Starts Here...
    • A message from the author
    • Workshop One: Starting Out, Attracting your Audience & Writing through Trauma
    • Workshop Two: Honesty, Self-Censorship & Your Rights as a Storyteller
    • Before you go...


  • Amy Molloy

    Author, Editor, Content Creator

    Amy Molloy

    Amy Molloy is a journalist, editor and Hay House author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. Her sell-out book, The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully was the product of ten years' worth of research, interviewing ‘empowered survivors’ about their coping mechanisms for overcoming the worst experiences of your life whilst still hoping for the best. In eight weeks, it sold out on Booktopia and within twelve weeks had gone into reprint. During her career, Amy has signed book deals with multiple global publishers, including Headline and Allen & Unwin. As a ghost-writer, Amy has authored 14 books for other people – two novels and 12 non-fiction titles – including three which topped the Amazon charts. As a content creator, she has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world including GoPro, Netflix, the Sydney Opera House and Selfridges. She is currently the editor of Collective Hub, having previously edited Grazia Magazine in Australia. A video of her ‘joyful birth’ went viral with 80,000 hits in 48 hours. www.amymolloy.me